What is homelessness?

Homelessness is defined as a person who is living in inadequate housing or a place not designed for human habitation

How do people become homeless?

Various different factors contribute to homelessness, there is not one factor that contributes more than another. These factors can be Loss of employment or inadequate employment, poverty, lack of suitable rentals or affordable housing, lack of family support, disability or mental illness and substance use issues.

How many people are homeless In Frankston?

Mayor Cr Sandra Mayer said in 2019 that there were about 600 people sleeping rough of homeless in Frankston

What is Donation Chain Inc.?

We are a registered charity providing hygiene support to people in and around the Frankston area.

What is Donation Chain Inc.‘s goal?

To meet the basic hygiene needs of homeless people in the community and provide a safe space for them to reconnect with the greater community during times of crisis.

How can you volunteer?

To see our current available positions, see Donation Chain Inc.’s Volunteer page

Seek and support

This task involves contacting the organisations we donate to and asking them what they need for the month.

Bagging up

This task involves counting in all the new donations, and then filling up the bags with the appropriate toiletries at the shed


Once all the toiletries are bagged up and ready to go, they need to be delivered to the local support services. You will need a license, car and car insurance to do this.

Donation drives

This task involves asking your friends and family, school or local workplace to gather toiletries for Donation Chain Inc.

Drop box

Donation Chain Inc. has numerous drop box locations, if you would like to be a host of a drop box then one will be provided for you, you can have these at the workplace or any place you think may be suitable.

Shower support

Open the shower, support clients with a soft ear and provide them with toiletries and towels.

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